Bullying is a nationwide epidemic amongst today’s youth. For many children, the effects of bullying can last well into adulthood, with victims suffering from depression, anxiety, and in rare cases, suicidal behavior. One study shows that 49% of students between the grades of 4-12 have been bullied at least once at school.1 The majority of bullying occurs at school or on the school bus, with online cyberbullying also on the rise.


With the increase in bullying occurrences amongst children, the need for anti-bullying programs is more important than ever.

According to the CDC, bullying is repeated instances of unwelcome aggressive behavior by individuals or a group based on perceived power imbalances. Through the Brodies & Bullies program, we work with students, teachers, parents, and the community to target three critical points in the definition:

1 - Unwelcome aggressive behavior: We help kids and adults create a positive atmosphere where teasing and other negative comments are not allowed.

2 - Power imbalances: Power imbalances can arise from differences in strength, size, popularity, ability, wealth, and health. We believe it’s important to teach children to embrace their differences and the things that make them strong, while not judging others.

3 - Repeated behavior: Since bullying is very rarely a one-time occurrence, we believe it’s important to put an end to any bullying behavior immediately.


Our training focuses on four fundamental principles that every child should have.


Self Confidence
Comes from believing in yourself and your abilities.


Self Awareness
Comes from knowing who you are and the values, & beliefs you stand for.


Self Esteem
Comes from believing in your worth and doing things you thought you couldn’t.


Self Consciousness
Comes from understanding your self-awareness and how you portray yourself to others.





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